WP1. Deposition of doped transition metals oxides by different techniques (magnetron sputtering, hot wire CVD)

                T.1.1. Deposition of doped Ta based oxynitrides;
                T.1.2. Deposition of doped Zn based oxynitrides;
                T.1.3. Optimized procedures for the deposition of nitrogen doped Ta and Zn based oxynitrides,                aiming for specific band-gap values.

WP2. Complex coating characterization and assessment of their photo-catalytic properties

                T.2.1. Coatings characterization for composition (EDS, Auger electron spectroscopy, XPS),                   crystallographic structure (XRD, HR-XRD, TEM), morphology (AFM, SEM)
                T.2.2. Mechanical properties investigation (thickness, adhesion, stress)
                T.2.3. Optical and electrical properties investigation (optical band gap, carriers concentration and                mobility)
                T.2.4. Corrosion behavior investigation; corrosion resistance assessment  T.2.5. Assessment of the                photo-catalytic processes for radical generation, in different materials obtained via different synthesis                routes

WP3. Results dissemination at international level

                T.3.1. Research papers publication in ISI quoted journals;
                T.3.2. Communications at international conferences.